Why Scrap car Prices are Different From KBB

04 Feb

 For you to know the amount you are supposed to sell your car, you have to research its price.  The KBB value of your car is what you need to look at before you sell it.  When you are setting the price for your car, it should at all times be lower than that of the KBB value. It will be easier for you to sell your used car when it’s still in good condition for you to sell it at a higher value.  You should view here for more information on why the KBB value of the scrap car is lower.

 You need to know that many scrap cars don’t run. Those who set the KBB value assume that they are setting for the cars that are in good condition which is not the case with the scrap cars.  It is challenging for car junk buyers when they are buying scrap cars because some of those cars can fail to run.

 The look of the scrap cars is not attractive.  When you set your eyes at the scrap car, this product does not look good at all and the way the car looks will make it sell at a high price.  The scrap car buyer will however not buy your car as per the KBB value taking into consideration its look since that car will require a lot of remodeling for it to restore a good look.

 These scrap cars are insecure. The scrap car might be fixed and get back to the road but the problem is that those cars already have very many issues so they are still not safe.  This info. Is what makes the scrap cars’ value to be below the KBB since even the buyer is risking buying your scrap car.

There is low demand for the car.  More info. you need to know is that your car will devalue the moment it becomes a scrap car so when you are selling it you must have its value below the KBB price.  The scrap car buyer will hence be doing you a favor to buy your car hence at a lower price. Know more about cars now!

They need to be hauled off when sold. Another thing that will make your scrap car to go at a lower price than the KBB is the fact that it can’t be driven so there is a lot of expenses that will take place to move it to the required place.  The KBB assumes that the buyer will just buy a car and drive it home which is not the case and this is yet another reason you will sell your scrap car below the KBB value.  You should hence price your car differently from what the KBB advice having known all this.

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